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The Heating People are a forward-thinking heating company, serving the Liverpool, Warrington and St Helens. We have over twenty years of experience in helping families with their heating. 

We are specialists in energy efficient heating, providing outstanding quality workmanship alongside exceptional customer service. We are part of the Heat Geek Elite, so you can be assured of our industry leading knowledge.

Our tailored service finds the perfect boiler or heat pump for your home and lifestyle. We use scientific calculations to match you with the correct heating system for your needs.

We will recommend the most energy-efficient options for you. This will save you money, whilst helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Customer Promises

Our focus is on helping you to get the best out of your central heating system, at an affordable price.

Here are just some of the reasons you should choose us for your next heating need:

Safety first  – Our engineers are highly trained and vetted, to ensure that the highest standard of work is maintained. Our engineers are Gas Safe registered for working on Gas.

Industry leading knowledge – As part of the Heat Geek Elite, we are experts in heating system design. We have the expertise and experience to maximise the energy efficiency of your system.

Outstanding customer service – We respond to queries as quickly as possible and are committed to providing our customers with a polite and helpful service. We believe there’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’ and will always take the time to listen to any queries that you may have.

Advice and guidance – We are experts in helping our customers to understand all of their options, without the jargon.

No surprises – We believe in transparency, and will never charge you more than we quote.

Clean and tidy – We will always treat your home with the utmost respect and leave it just as clean and tidy as it was when we arrived. All our engineers have dust sheets and a clean up kit to make sure your home is left how it should be.

Extended warranties – As Accredited installers of Vaillant; Worcester Bosch, ATAG; and Viessmann, we can offer guarantees of up to 14 years on boilers and 7 years on heat pumps.

An engineer advising customers.

The Heating People
Eco Home Boiler Range

Introducing The Heating People’s Eco-Home boiler range… With gas prices soaring, boiler efficiency has become more important than ever. At its simplest, an efficient boiler needs to burn the least amount of fuel to keep your house warm, and your water hot. An inefficient boiler does the opposite. It burns loads more fuel to do exactly the same job, which makes it more expensive to run, and worse for the planet. Our Eco-home range of boilers feature some of the most energy efficient boilers on the market to help you to save energy (and money). 

ATAG Economiser Plus

ATAG Economiser Plus 

ATAG describe their revolutionary iC Economiser Plus boiler as: ‘the combi of the future’ because of its revolutionary industry-leading innovation – and we would have to agree that it’s pretty special. The main reason we love ATAG’s iC Economiser Plus is because it has in-built FGHRS, weather compensation and OpenTherm technology. All ATAG boilers are ErP (Energy-related Products) A-rated. And adding an ATAG ONE or TADO V3+ internet-connected Smart controller can further boost your heating system efficiency to an impressive 98% (also known as A+). A more efficient boiler doesn’t just help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, it also reduces your energy bills since it needs to burn less fuel to do its job.

Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive

Vaillant describe their premium boiler – The EcoTEC Exclusive with green iQ – as ‘the best in the business’ – and we rate it too! The Exclusive carries Vaillant’s unique Green iQ mark which means it gives you the ultimate in energy efficiency, the lowest fuel consumption and lowest running costs. As with ATAG’s Economiser, Vaillant’s Exclusive comes with in-built FGHRS. Another nifty thing about this boiler is that it’s so smart it can adapt itself so it’s always giving you the precise level of heat you need – which means less waste and lower fuel bills. All Vaillant boilers are ErP (Energy-related Products) A-rated, which can be further boosted to A+-rated when combined with their vSMART heating controls.

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

If you’re looking for a powerful Viessmann boiler with excellent energy efficiency; lower emissions; and simple operation; then you should consider the Vitodens 200-W. Described by Viessmann as ‘the new generation of heating systems’, the B2KB (combi Viessmann boiler) and B2HB (system Viessmann boiler), are the latest evolution of the Viessmann Vitodens 200 Boiler range. Future-proof, durable and digital, the Vitodens 200-W is a hydrogen ready boiler (H2 20% blend) that sets the standard for the future. As well as being awarded the Which? Best Buy Status for several years in a row; the Vitodens 200-W has been praised by Heat Geek for its incredible 1:19 modulation ratio, which currently far outperforms any other domestic gas boiler available.

The Heating People
Cosy Home Boiler Range

The Heating People pride ourselves on finding the perfect boiler to meet your needs and budget. We believe that Vaillant, ATAG, and Worcester Bosch offer the best boilers on the market. All of these brands offer outstanding engineering, efficiency, reliability and guarantees – and that’s why they are part of our cosy home range… 

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

Worcester Bosch 4000

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 is Worcester Bosch’s mid-range boiler, sitting between the 2000 and 8000 boilers. With its curved edges, and LCD digital display, it’s a more modern look compared to the traditional white box in the corner! The Greenstar 4000 is available in 25 kw and 30kw combi boilers. You can also opt for a system boiler in 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 21kW and 24kW outputs. The Greenstar 4000 is A-rated for energy efficiency, with an impressive 94% efficiency. And according to Worcester Bosch, adding a Bosch EasyControl internet-connected Smart controller to their Greenstar range of boilers can further boost your heating system efficiency to an impressive 98% (also known as A+).

Vaillant ecoTEC
Plus Boiler

The EcoTEC Plus is a higher spec version of the Ecotec Pro and is described by Vaillant as their ‘flagship’ boiler. The Plus is available in four combi models covering 25, 32, 35 or 38kW heating outputs, With its range of heating outputs, it’s flexible enough to meet the demands of a whole range of different homes and lifestyles. It offers high performance, with a flow rate of up to 15.9 litres per min for fast hot water. It’s an efficient choice because its smart technology means that it knows when you don’t need as much heating power and can drop to using 16% of its maximum power, which is better for the environment, and your wallet!

ATAG iC Boiler range

If you’re looking for a combi boiler, the ATAG iC range might be for you. Available in four different power outputs: 24kW, 28kW, 36kW and 40kW, there will be an option to suit your home and lifestyle. The ATAG iC is A-rated for energy efficiency and adding an ATAG ONE or TADO V3+ internet-connected Smart controller can further boost your heating system efficiency to an impressive 98% (also known as A+). The iC has a built-in weather compensator. Weather compensation is an energy efficiency device that monitors both the temperature inside your home, and the temperature outside, and adjusts your boiler’s operation accordingly. This allows your boiler to reduce water temperatures, which increases efficiency without compromising your comfort. 

The Vaillant Boiler Range

Introduce the Vaillant boiler range in this section.
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You can check out the full Vaillant Boiler range here.
Vaillant ecoTEC Pro

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro

Smart heating for mid-sized homes…

The ecoTEC pro is an ideal combi boiler for small-to-medium homes that need instant hot water – but don’t need a water tank. It’s available in three combi models covering 24, 28 or 30kW heating outputs. It offer a flow rate of up to 12.3 litres per min for fast instant hot water and is ErP A rated for both hot water and heating efficiency. It can adapt itself to give you only the heating you require, lowering your fuel bills. And premium parts like the stainless-steel heat exchanger keeps everything running smoothly and reliably.

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus

The all-rounder for every home…

The EcoTEC Plus is a higher spec version of the Ecotec Pro and is described by Vaillant as their ‘flagship’ boiler. With its range of heating outputs (25, 32, 35 or 38kW), it’s flexible enough to meet the demands of a whole range of different homes and lifestyles. It’s an efficient choice because its smart technology means that it knows when you don’t need as much heating power and can drop to using 16% of its maximum power, which is better for the environment, and your wallet!

Vaillant ecoFIT boiler.

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 

Compact for homes where space is limited…

Vaillant describes the ecoFIT Pure combi boiler as ‘compact but mighty’. If you’re short on space, this cupboard-sized boiler could be a good option for you. But being lightweight and compact, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. The ecoFIT pure’s powerful aluminum heat exchanger offers outstanding performance and low energy consumption for any home. It’s smart, too. When you don’t need as much heat, it will reduce itself to just 20% of its maximum output – meaning greater energy efficiency and lower bills for you.

Boiler Q&As

Questions about heating systems? The Heating People are here to help!

Although there are many different makes and models of boiler, they all fall into three basic types:

  1. Heat-only or ‘conventional’ boilers;
  2. Combination or ‘combi’ boilers;
  3. and system boilers.

Heat-only or conventional boilers

Heat-only or conventional boilers are often thought of as the traditional way of heating a home. They’re designed to provide both heating and hot-water with the use of an additional cold-water tank and hot-water cylinder.

Combination or ‘combi’ boilers

‘Combi’ is short for ‘combination’ boiler because it provides both your heating and hot water from one compact unit, without the need for additional tanks or hot water storage cylinders. Combi boilers deliver instantaneous hot water and are the most popular boiler type currently installed in the UK. 

System boilers

System boilers feature aspects of both a conventional boiler and a combi.

Like a conventional boiler, a system boiler needs a hot water storage cylinder to heat and store hot water for your taps. But it doesn’t need a tank in the attic because, like a combi, it takes its water supply directly from the mains.

If you’re looking to replace your boiler, contact us at The Heating People today, to find the best option for you.


There’s a common misconception that a ‘condensing boiler’ is a type of boiler, when in fact, it isn’t.

The terms ‘condensing boilers’ and ‘non-condensing boilers’ are confusing because they describe the technology within the boiler itself, rather than what sort of boiler it is.

A condensing boiler works by recycling the wasted exhaust gas that is created during a boiler’s normal operation.

By re-using the exhausted gas, water vapour and steam back through the system, some of the heat and water is retained making the boiler’s operation more efficient.

But you won’t have to choose between condensing and non-condensing technology, because it is now law (under the Boiler Plus Regulations) for all new boilers to use condensing technology as standard. So whatever type of heating system you opt for, it will be condensing.

This is because condensing boilers are more energy efficient than their non-condensing counterparts and can typically extract 90-92% of heat from fuel, compared to 50-80% that a non-condensing boiler can.

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on your lifestyle, your heating and hot water needs, and what’s most important to you from your heating system.


But rest assured, here at The Heating People, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect boiler to fit your needs and budget.


For us to help you, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with some key information that will be needed to make the right heating choice for you.



You should ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are you connected to the UK’s gas network?
  • How many people live in your house?
  • How many bathrooms do you have?
  • Do you have free space, such as a loft or airing cupboard available?
  • How many radiators do you have?
  • How important is energy efficiency to you in a boiler?
  • Are you satisfied with the performance of your current system? For instance, are you getting enough hot water?
  • Are you thinking of replacing like for like or are you interested in a new type of boiler?

Once you’ve thought about these questions, book your survey with The Heating People.

Your expert engineer will ask you about what you’re hoping to achieve with your heating system and will conduct heat loss calculations to determine what size boiler you need.

Boiler size doesn’t refer to the physical dimensions of the boiler itself, but rather how much energy is output by the boiler in terms of heat, which is measured in kilowatts (kW).

A kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts and this unit helps us to measure the power your boiler can provide to your heating system.

For example, a 25kW boiler uses 25,000 watts (25 kW) of power per hour to heat the water for your central heating.

Generally, the more heat and hot water you require for your home, the higher the kW boiler you will need. But the type of boiler you have will affect this.

If you have a heat-only or a system boiler, the boiler size will be based on the heat requirements of your property.

For combi boilers, the size of the boiler you need looks ‘bigger’ because it produces instantaneous hot water on demand, rather than storing it.

You will need to choose a boiler that can cope with the heating demands of your home. But unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the trap of choosing a much bigger boiler than they need ‘just in case’. But this is a mistake.

Oversizing your boiler is inefficient, costly, and can generate more power than your central heating system can handle, which will take its toll on your boiler.

But don’t worry – The Heating People will be able to advise you on what will be just right for your home after conducting a heat loss calculation.