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The Heating People Heat Pump Guide

The Heating People offer heat pump installation across the region to homeowners who want to reduce their energy cost and their carbon footprint.

At its simplest, a heat pump is a device (which looks a bit like an air conditioning unit) that transfers thermal energy from one point to another. Although they use electricity to run, they’re considered a much greener way of heating your home, because unlike your boiler, they don’t need to burn fuel (usually gas) to create heat. When we burn fuel, we’re releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is what we’re trying to reduce in our battle against climate change.

When we design a heat pump system for you, we will advise on the projected efficiency of the system, which with a bit of information about your gas and electric pricing, and can show you a projected running cost against that of a gas boiler.

Understanding Heat Pumps & Low Temp Heating