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Heat Pump Installation Northwest

The Heating People help families in the North West to improve their home comfort, whilst reducing their energy usage. We design and install energy efficient heating systems, using next-generation boilers, solar power, and air source heat pumps.

As Elite Heat Geeks, we have undergone industry leading Heating Mastery training. Our tailored services take the guesswork out of boiler and heat pump installations. We will calculate, recommend and install the right heating solution for you and your family.

We prioritise delivering warmth and comfort with the most energy efficient heating solutions on the European market.

We have the expertise and experience to help you find the right heating solution for your home.

Part of the Heat Geek Elite

The Heating People are proud to be part of the Heat Geek Elite. 

Verified Heat Geeks have undergone stringent checks and industry leading training. This means that they can get the best out of your heating system and can work under the ‘Assured Heat Pump Installation Service’. 

But we go a step further than this…

Heat Geek describe the Heat Geek Elite as: ‘the best of the best’.  

We have the tools  to back up our industry leading knowledge and will design and obtain the highest possible efficiencies from your heating or renewable system. 

Boiler Installation with the most energy efficient boiler brands

The Heating People will recommend the most energy-efficient options for you. This will save you money, whilst helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

We only use quality products from reputable brands. We can work with all manufacturers, but we have our favourites! We are proud to be:

  • ATAG Selected Partners
  • Vaillant Advance Installers
  • Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers
  • Viessmann Accredited Installers
  • Heat Geek Elite Installers
For your peace of mind, we can offer guarantees of up to 14 years on your new boiler, and up to 7 years on your heat pump.

The Eco-Home & Cosy Home Boiler Packages

An ATAG Economiser Plus.

ATAG iC Economiser +

ATAG’s revolutionary iC Economiser Plus boiler has been described as: ‘the combi of the future’ because it captures waste energy from the flue gases and uses it to pre-heat the mains water to improve hot water production efficiency, saving both heat and money in the process.

Vaillant ecoTEC + boiler range

The Ecotec Plus is Vaillant’s flagship boiler because it has a range of heating outputs, which can meet the demands of  different homes and lifestyles. The ecoTEC plus is smart: when it knows you don’t need as much heating power, it can drop to using 16% of its maximum power saving on fuel and money.
Vaillant ecoFIT boiler.

Vaillant ecoFIT boiler range

If space is at a premium in your home, the cupboard-size ecoFIT pure combination boiler is the choice for you.  It’s smart, too. When you don’t need as much heat, it will reduce itself to just 20% of its maximum output – meaning greater energy efficiency and lower bills for you.

The Eco-Home & Cosy Home
Boiler / Heat Pump Service Plans

Here at The Heating People, we believe in trust, transparency, value and quality service. We offer guarantees of up to 14 years on our boilers, and up to 7 years on our heat pumps. We also offer a range of service plans for looking after your new boiler or heat pump, so that you can be sure that it will continue to keep you warm and comfortable for many years to come.